Friday, September 11, 2009

Blog, Blog, Blog...

What am I doing? Is this a blog? I don't know. Maybe it is. Welcome to the voids of my thoughts -- or is that the thoughts of my void? There is definitely a void involved, and you are more than welcome to enter it. At your own risk. Beware of the dog that doesn't exist. It bites. Hard. Or so I'm told. Where was I? Oh yeah -- blogging. If you think this intro is trippy, just wait til you read the rest.

It started a few days ago, or maybe months, but definitely at least days, when a friend said that doing a blog might be good for me. It's been a long summer with depression involved and not enough alcohol to offset it -- the key to a healthy way of living. Vodka! Where's the damn Vodka! Maybe that's just another void that doesn't quite make sense to me at the moment. You see, my life is at a crossroads. I have four freakin' directions to walk in, and I have no clue which one is the right way. I do know that the direction I came from to begin with is the wrong one. That path leads backwards when I must move forward. Such is life. But before I seriously confuse each and every one of you fine folk out there brave enough to read this, let me turn off the vertigo and enter the line. A coherent thought.

It really has been a long summer for me. The problem is, the summer just seems to keep going. This year there is no college to turn to. Friends live far away. I live in a small town that restricts what I want in life. Enter the depression. Or at least that's how it started. Until my friends came and got my back. Picked me up. Showed me a path. I know what I want in life; I want to be a screenwriter. Plays and comic books certainly are not off my to do list either. The fact is, I'm a creative man. I can't live without creativity in my life. It is what has driven me for all my life. And this summer I came very close to losing my creativity. And the thing is... it would have been all my fault. I would have let it happen. Then I remembered something. I have beaten the odds more than once. I went to a good college and graduated one of only fifteen in my class. I graduated Summa Cum Laude. How could I allow myself to give in so easily to depression? The answer is: I didn't. With help. From great friends. One of those friends suggested that I start this blog. So I did. Which means if you suffer a brain hemerage trying to figure out what I'm saying, it's all her fault.

Welcome to the void that is my mind. Maybe you'll learn something, maybe you won't. But take a seat and enjoy the ride. This boy is about to let his creativty hit overdrive.


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